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  • What are the different services Propelor platform offers me?
    Propelor offers you a wide range of Logistics services such as Customs Clearance, Shipment Tracking, Land Transportation, Shipment Documentation, Trade Finance, Transit Insurance, Carbon Offset. To get more information about our services, please email us at or chat with us on
  • How is Propelor different from a traditional freight forwarder?
    As your preferred digital logistics partner, Propelor has the specialized capability to offer an extensive range of tech-enabled solutions for your end-to-end shipping needs. A traditional freight forwarder on the other hand is dependent on manual processes for many pre-shipping and post-shipping activities.
  • Can I integrate Propelor with my internal ERP system?
    Yes, Propelor offers API integration with the client's internal ERP system. To know more, please email us on or chat with us on
  • Does Propelor platform has Air services?
    We are in the process of expanding our capability in this area to accommodate your air shipping needs.
  • How do I contact Propelor for query resolution?
    In case of any query resolution, you may contact us on or chat with us on for assistance.
  • How many more team members can I add from my organization?
    You may add as many users as required. You can access these settings from your account's Admin panel on
  • Can I assign roles to my organization's users?
    Yes, you may add multiple users and provide appropriate levels of access based upon the roles within your organization.
  • For my multiple facilities with different GST, do I need to make multiple accounts on Propelor platform?
    All facilities can be managed by a single account. You could add as many facilities as needed with their individual GST numbers. You will be able to choose the facility during the booking confirmation.
  • Are there any subscription charges for signing up on Propelor?
    No. Propelor does not charge any subscription fees.
  • Can I select the scope of services I need on Propelor platform?
    Yes, you may select the different services you require from our comprehensive list.
  • Do I need to share any documents before I request a quote on Propelor platform?
    Yes. It is recommended to update your company documents to ensure seamless booking on Propelor. Please reach out to us at or chat with us on so we can help you get started.
  • How many quotation requests can I make on Propelor?
    You may make as many quotation requests as required from Propelor and use your older quotations as a template to auto-fill the data.
  • My origin/destination port is not listed, what should I do?
    Please email us at or chat with us on so we can add the required location and notify you immediately.
  • Can I request for instant rates from Propelor?
    You may check the quotation option on the landing page for an estimated freight range. Request you to please sign-in and create new quotation for a customised quote based on the quotation request.
  • What are the costs covered in my quotation?
    All costs pertaining to your service request will be covered.
  • How can I change the cargo and container details after receiving the quotation?
    You can re-initiate the quotation with revised details by either creating a new quotation or using the old one as template.
  • What happens if the actual cargo measurements differ from what I entered in quotation?
    You can re-initiate the quotation with revised details by either creating a new quotation or using the old one as template.
  • How much does Propelor platform charges for its services?
    All our services are nominally priced, you can find the details in the quotation.
  • Will I be notified for General Rate Increase and Peak Season Surcharge after I confirm the quotation?
    Yes. You will be notified via email about any General Rate Increase or Peak Season Surcharge as soon as they are levied by the carrier/terminal.
  • Can Propelor provide long term rates validity?
    Yes. However, the rates validity will be subject to General Rate Increase or Peak Season Surcharge and carrier confirmation based on the prior export commitments of the exporter with the carrier.
  • Can my final invoice differ from my confirmed quotation?
    It could differ only in case of General Rate Increase/Peak Season Surcharge, additional service requests or any amendment requests. In any such scenario, we shall inform you in advance of any changes to the quotation.
  • How am I notified about my shipment status?
    You will be able to live track the shipment status on your Propelor dashboard. Additionally we shall keep you updated through email notifications and SMS alerts. You will be able to manage the communication channels through your Propelor account.
  • Can I customize shipment milestone notifications?
    Yes, you may choose to receive the notification based on the milestones you wish to know from your dashboard.
  • Can I submit shipment documents like Packing List, Invoice, Shipping Instruction, among others on the Propelor platform?
    Yes, all shipment documents can be uploaded via your account as long as the shipment status is active. All shipment documents can be retrieved even after your shipment is completed.
  • Can I access my shipment documents anytime I want and for how long will they be saved in my Propelor account?
    Yes, your shipment documents are saved on our secure servers for a time period of one year and can be accessed whenever needed by signing into your account on
  • Can I make secure payment via Propelor?
    Yes, we offer Netbanking and UPI payment services online for local customers and offline payment options for international customers.
  • How can I get daily status reports from Propelor?
    You may request for your preferred format with any specific time parameters to get your customized daily status reports on your email or download it anytime at
  • Can I access shipment reports through the Propelor?
    Yes, our shipment analytics are based on current usage and are constantly being refined.

Ocean Transportation

  • Can I make Booking amendments?
    Yes. You can re-initiate the quotation with revised details by either creating a new quotation or using the old one as template for any amendments. All revised bookings are subject to carrier acceptance.
  • Can I cancel my shipment after receiving the booking confirmation?
    Yes, we accept booking amendments. We would inform you in prior for any applicable charges as applicable via an email.
  • What is the estimated time for my Booking to be seen after accepting the quotation?
    Bookings are usually confirmed by carriers within 3 business days. The time may vary in the case of special equipment.
  • Who will be handling my shipments at Ports and Inland Container Depots?
    Propelor has adequate arrangements and tie ups with vendors at all Ports and Inland Container Depots. All the shipments are managed by highly skilled logistics professionals.
  • Will I get notifications from ETA/ETD changes from Propelor?
    Yes, you will receive notifications regarding any changes to the original sailing details provided at the time of booking. We also provide dashboards to monitor all activities of your shipment.
  • How can I track my cargo from Propelor platform?
    You can track your containers directly from your dashboard.
  • How can I request for revised bookings and Bill of Ladings?
    You can raise the request for the revised booking by raising a new quotation. Revising a Bill of Lading involves a cost levied by the carrier. You can let us know in case of revisions required on or chat with us on
  • Who will inform me regarding IGM details for import shipments?
    You will be notified of the same by the Propelor operations team. You may opt for email or SMS notification.
  • How can I request for cut off extensions if my stuffing is delayed?
    Cutoff extensions are subject to approval by carrier and terminal. Please email us at for more information.
  • If I missed documents cutoff, what will I have to do?
    You may contact us on for any support and cite the booking number.
  • How will I get the VIA permission?
    Please email us at if VIA permissions are required.
  • Will I get confirmed space and inventory against the booking?
    It is dependent on multiple factors such as vessel space, yard inventory and timely cargo handover to carrier. Our trusted partners will take care of the whole process.
  • Does Propelor platform have LCL services?
    Yes, we are working on including this service soon to accommodate your shipping needs.
  • Can I choose the type of BL I need for the shipment ?
    Yes, you can send us your documentation requests while placing the booking or contact us on
  • How can I search for specific shipments?
    Yes, you could look it up on your dashboard.
  • How does Propelor platform track my cargo?
    We provide best-in-class cargo tracking services, sourcing data from reputed data services providers.
  • How does Propelor handle my import and export shipments?
    Propelor has a worldwide network of agents to handle EXIM solutions across all countries.
  • How can I get a quotation?
    You can get an approximate quote by entering the essential details in the quotation option on the home page. Registered users have full access to the quotation feature. Sign up to activate the complete quotation service.

Land Transportation

  • How can I track Rail and Road transportation via Propelor?
    For Rail and Road Transportation, milestone updates are provided on your dashboard
  • How can I get the vehicle details for container pick up and factory stuffing?
    You will be notified by the Propelor operations team. You can choose to be notified either by email or SMS.

Multimodal Logistics

  • Can I select my factory location in POL and delivery location in POD while request for quotation?
    Yes, you may select the city where your factory is located and the required destination city for delivery.

Customs Clearance

  • If the CHA has filed documents with incorrect details, how can I rectify this?
    Please email us at or chat with us on and indicate the amendments to be made. In case of any amendment charges, you will be notified of the same beforehand.
  • Can Propelor help with the clearance of Hazardous/Reefer/Project cargo?
    Yes, we have specialized services for all your cargo clearance needs. Please email us at or chat with us on for additional information.
  • Will Propelor provide me fumigation services?
    Yes, we provide all origin/destination services along with documentation support.
  • Can I pay my customs duty through Propelor?
    We do not have that option currently. Please sign up for our email notifications for the updated list of services offered.

Finance Solutions

  • How can I apply for Trade Financing with Propelor?
    Yes, Propelor facilitates Trade Financing for your needs. You can either drop us an email on or chat with us on for more information.
  • Does Propelor platform offer payment credit period?
    We believe in empowering our customers through trade financing backed by service providers, however we do not currently offer credit periods.

Sustainable Logistics

  • What is the Carbon Footprint calculator and how can I use it?
    As your preferred logistics partner, we make every effort to minimize negative impact of our business on the environment. Our Carbon Calculator services can be used to estimate your carbon dioxide and equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. You may choose to offset those emissions when you ship with us.