Propeller /prəˈpɛlə/
A device that causes a ship or aircraft to move, consisting of two or more blades that spin at high speed.
Propelor is both the hardware that drives our goods through seas and skies, but equally the desire that inspires us to propel businesses forward with an unstoppable sense of progress.
At Propelor, we’re all about your momentum. Every individual journey of progress matters to us, great or small. Whether it’s working with a business down the road or on another continent, we keep you moving so you can focus on the future and your customers.

We deliver progress. We make you unstoppable.

Bridging the gap between supply chain innovation and customer expectations. Propelor leverages technology and our global network to anticipate your business needs, serving you and in turn, your customers. Our digital-first solutions enable efficient, hassle-free freight and logistics services, while creating sustainable solutions that make a positive impact.
What drives us is the ambition of creating a simple, affordable and user-friendly doorway to global logistics.

Sustainable Logistics

Propelor, like rest of mankind, desires for a clean and green planet. We sensitize customers on the carbon impact of their shipment and encourage them to choose a suitable offset solution.
Providing sustainable logistics, it is our responsibility as a company to reduce carbon emissions to provide a better future.
We’re Here to Help
Drive the change that you want to see. Be part of a carbon offsetting initiative.
In just a few clicks you can offset the carbon emissions of your supply chain.

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